About Us

When I started in hospice as a Registered Nurse eight years ago, I did not realize what I was getting myself into. I fell in love with the patients and the philosophy of hospice care. I did not realize how the patients and meaningful moments would impact me personally. Even years later I still have memories of special moments with patients and their families that changed me and am taken back to the same places in my mind where the event happened. It has always been the greatest honor to be present in the last days and hours of a person’s life. Very few of us are ever ready to leave the ones we love and being present to help someone and their family through such a  tough season is an experience that is near impossible to put into words. It is truly a blessing.

Our tag line “Making Moments Matter” came out of conversations my husband and I had when discussing our purpose for LoveWell. I have always had the conviction that just because someone is in the dying process does not mean that they have given up. It does not mean that they are gone. They are still here. Every moment that matters to them counts. It is our honor and pleasure to help make our patient’s moments matter. Taking it a step further, I also have the conviction that we spend the most of our lives working and feeling that work should be meaningful. We extend this Making Moments Matter commitment to the LoveWell team and hope that whoever comes across our path will have made the most of their moments here at LoveWell.

Making Moments Matter,

Marie Morgan 

We’re Trusted & Trained Hospice Care